Ron Stevens

The author believes we are wonderful but have taught ourselves otherwise. This writing is to make “the world” more comfortable, satisfying, productive and stimulating; and to enable this through betterment of self-effort.

There is no “path” to any “better” world – We each make our own way in existence through our own being what we can of ourselves. This is not just by coping but in releasing oneself from one’s own self inhibitors, and increasing one’s perception of being, in existence.

 The author was born in Australia, lived “at home” until late teens, travelled O/Seas, joined the Army, did many of life’s jobs; enjoyed University, dancing most nights, loving, swimming, bush-walking, thinking; enjoyed artistry, began writing, talking and so-on; now travelling as and where the river flows; and, raising family with strong-minded wife, deeply loving humanity and learning ever more clearly that we, are, nature.

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